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Forthcoming Auditions

2024's summer production will be Macbeth, in a Dark Ages setting. The cast requirements are below

- there is a lot of flexibility around women playing 'male' roles. We welcome newcomers to the


Auditions will be from 9am - 12 noon, and from 2pm - 5pm, on Saturday December 2nd, at The

Pound in Corsham. The company AGM will be between 12 noon and 2pm.

There will be a weekend read through at some point in the spring, with rehearsals starting Sunday

21st April and every Sunday after that till the production week, from 10am - 4pm, at Cleeve House,


Additional rehearsals on weekday evenings will also be in Seend. It is sometimes possible to

arrange lifts to rehearsals and performances, but we can't guarantee that.

All cast need to be available for the get in / tech / dress rehearsal weekend (29th / 30th June) and

the get out on 7th July.

All actors over 18 pay a £20 fee to take part - there is no other subscription.

Please contact me and register for one of the sessions in advance, giving also your name, contact

details, and an indication of your acting experience if you do not know me already, plus any dates

when you know you would be unavailable. If you can't make the auditions, we will aim to fix another

date in late November.

John Jameson Davis


DUNCAN, Queen of Scotland – 40s upwards. Female.

MALCOLM, her elder son and heir – teens to 30s. Male.

DONALBAIN, her younger son/daughter – teens to 30s. Male/female.

MACBETH, General of the Queen’s Army – 30s to 50. Male.

LADY MACBETH, Wife to Macbeth - 20s upwards. Female.

BANQUO, General of the Queen’s Army – 30s to 50. Male.

MACDUFF, Nobleman – 30s to 50. Male.

LADY MACDUFF, Wife to Macduff – 20s upwards. Female.

YOUNG MACDUFF, Child to Macduff – eight years old to early teens. Male/female.

LENOX & ROSSE, Noblemen/women – 20s upwards. Male/female.

MENTETH, ANGUS Noblemen/women - 20s to 50s. Male/female.

FLEANCE, Son to Banquo – teens to 20s. Male.

SEYTON, Loyal Servant to Macbeth – teens upwards. Male/female.

DOCTOR, 20s upwards. Male/female.

GENTLEWOMAN, Attends on Lady Macbeth. 20s upwards. Female.

A BLOODY CAPTAIN, 20s upwards. Male.

PORTER, 20s upwards. Male.


THREE WITCHES, Any age. Male/Female.

TWO MURDERERS, Any age. Male/Female.

Assorted Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Attendants, Messengers.



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