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Of Love and Laughter

We are proud to announce that Shakespeare live are back on stage!

Come and join us for our socially distanced performances of Of Love and Laughter at Cleeve House on Saturday 12 September, with performances at 12 noon and 4pm.

Of Love and Laughter is a show for our times, performed by six socially distanced actors for a socially distanced outdoor audience.

Shakespeare knew a thing or two about disease and quarantine – he lived through the plague. He also knew, and wrote, a lot about love and laughter and the role of theatre in preventing us from taking ourselves too seriously. We’ve plundered the plays to pull out a selection of our favourite bits. Some will surely be familiar to you, some probably not, but all of them probe what is laughable, touching or simply absurd in human behaviour – sometimes all three at once.

As we take our first tentative steps out of the months of enforced abstinence we are thrilled to be able to return to the garden of Cleeve House to present our antidote to the lockdown blues. We invite our friends and fellow thespians to join us and to enjoy with us a fresh start, doing what we love in a way that is carefully managed and safe.

Shakespeare Live members can get in ahead of the public for the next few days by contacting Gill on, ordering the tickets you want and paying by bank transfer. Or from the weekend you will be able to book online through Ticketsource. Numbers are limited to 100 per performance and we are anticipating that demand may be high…!

So pack up your picnic rug or that folding chair you always bring to rehearsals. We are looking forward enthusiastically to welcoming friends and colleagues back to Cleeve House to share a bit of Shakespeare – something that we thought we might not see this summer!

Graham, Gill and the cast

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