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Auditions at Cleeve House , Seend, SN12 6PG

Sunday May 14 - between 1pm - 3pm - in the garden.

'Two Gentlemen of Verona' is our Dell / autumn tour play for 2023, directed by Gill Morrell. An early play that's not often done, it has feisty heroines, lovelorn & bickering young men, dictatorial parents, foolish suitors, cross-dressing, letters galore, wild outlaws, witty servants, a big fight, and a lugubrious clown with a dog. It's fast, furious, and very, very funny.

The length has been cut so it will run for 90 minutes, and the cast list has also been adjusted to just 10 actors, probably 5m and 5f but that's flexible. The play will be set in the Middle Ages.

Performance Dates:

The Royal Shakespeare Company's The Dell in Stratford upon Avon:

Sunday 27th August. People usually travel up the night before and we meet for dinner at the Dirty Duck, and then for a rehearsal at 9am before the two performances - we don't yet know if we'll get one or two performances.

The Dell is an open air stage in a park by the river and close to the theatres - lots of passers by but also a lot of people who come specifically to see Dell shows. The RSC do the main publicity but we usually flyer the town as well. It's always fun but it's also a big honour to be picked as one of the companies from many submissions.

The Autumn Tour

We are performing at;

  • The Cause in Chippenham on Sat 14th Oct,

  • The Merlin in Frome on Sun 15th Oct,

  • The Mission in Bath on Tues 17th and Wed 18th Oct, t

  • The Town Hall in Corsham on 19th Oct and

  • Marden House in Calne on 20th Oct.

Auditions and rehearsals:

Just come along though ideally contact Gill on in advance. Occasional rehearsals will start soon, working round the summer show Merchant, of course. Lines don't need to be learned till after July 9th. There will twice weekly rehearsals from then till the Dell dates, and a couple of catch up rehearsals in late September / early October before the tour. Being unavailable for the odd week doesn't mean you won't be considered for a part.


Valentine Young (under 30 playing age) and scornful of lovers, but about to be sent to Milan to further his education, where he'll fall in love with Silvia; noble and valiant, ends up as Robin Hood leading a group of outlaws.

Proteus Also young and already in love with Julia, but rapidly forgets her and falls in love with Silvia when his father sends him to Milan; less noble than Valentine, lacking self-control and self-knowledge.

Speed Valentine's servant, characterised by his speediness and endlessly talkative. Played as a man or woman, any age but probably youngish; doubles as an outlaw at the end.

Launce Proteus' servant, not very bright, lugubrious, accompanied always by his dog, Crab. He often communicates directly with the audience. Male, probably not very young.

Julia Daughter of the Duke of Verona, feisty and fun, not sure if she loves Proteus at first, but disguises herself as a boy to follow him to Milan and find out what he's up to. Young, playing age under 30.

Silvia Daughter to the Duke of Milan, heavily protected, finds herself with several rival suitors, in love with Valentine. Also young.

Lucetta Any age, servant to Julia, and will accompany her to Milan. Lively and witty. Doubles as an outlaw.

Antonio/a Proteus's father or mother, impatient with Proteus for wasting his time over Julia. If played by a woman, also an outlaw; if played by a man, also Sir Thurio.

Panthino Friend of Antonio's, giving advice. Probably older, male. Doubles as either Sir Thurio or an outlaw.

Sir Thurio In love with Silvia, extremely foolish and self-centred. Male, any age. Doubled by either Antonio or Panthino.

Duke of Milan Silvia's father, absolutely intent on marrying her to Sir Thurio. Older, male

Outlaws Played by Lucetta, Speed and Antonio or Panthino - Merry Men in Sherwood Forest

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