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Directed by John Jameson Davis 

1st - 6th July 2024

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‘Blood will have blood, they say’ 

Blood seeps through every dark corner of this chilling play.  Grief, ambition, murder, guilt and paranoia combine to bring about the disintegration of a once great man and his wife. 

Manipulated by weird, ancient, stone-hearted creatures, the brave Macbeth is driven to dark and deadly deeds.  Even the natural world is shaken and distorted by his bloody rule. 


Haunted by their consciences, isolated and friendless, Macbeth and his wife spiral down into despair and madness.  

A very talented cast directed by John Jameson-Davis - supported by original music, sound, lighting effects and puppetry - draws us into the very heart of Macbeth’s darkness as we see his struggles from the inside out.  

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